How To Make A Perfect Photo-Book

Putting all of your photos together in a specific order can help you in telling a story, and reliving the theme that is spread through your photographs. If you are interested in organizing your images so that will highlight them in the best possible way, we put together few steps that will help you. Making a great book is firstly about having some fun. This can be very entertaining and creative work, one of the secrets is to make it with lots of love and fun. Making it in the spirit of the theme your print is, will help you whenever you are not sure how to approach different details.

We keep hearing people don’t love prints any more, but what continues to impress clients (who don’t think they want printed photos) is a photo book. – Michael Will, Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Type and theme

Wedding-BookTo finish your project successfully, you first need to decide what exactly are you making. Is it a catalog, travel book, portfolio, cookbook, memory keeper…? When you define the type of your photo-book, it will give you the basics you need regarding design, page count, size, etc. After that, and next on the list is editing. When choosing which photographs will go in your photo-book, you need to start from those that are containing the most important moments and information. There is an experience that you wish the reader to understand easily, and choosing the main photographs is a start. From that point, choose the rest of your photographs, so that will help you tell your story fuller story and with more “flavor.”


Photo-BookAfter you choose all the images, the next step is to organize them in a specific order. But be careful – your favorites maybe don’t belong on the covers. You need to place them where they will tell their story in the best light.

What’s really getting lost in the digital era is people sharing photos on an ipad and thinking it makes an impression. In my experience, it doesn’t.  Not only do I love putting something physical in my clients’ hands, but it’s also one of the greatest marketing tools. A photo book will bring in infinitely more future clients than your client sharing a photo on Facebook ever will.  – Vincent van den Berg, Mexico Destination Wedding Photographer

Sequencing your photographs is a step that is secret to many, and people do overlook it. You don’t want the peak or reversal of your story in a wrong place. The cover is done after organizing. Because first, you need to see where your book is leading you. Then the cover photo will present itself to you.